At The Awakening Realm we have an amazing tribe of Yoga teachers that offer many different styles of yoga and classes for all levels of your practice. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, we have a place for you.

We know that each individual walks their unique path so we have many different pricing options to suit your specific needs. We have a drop-in rate of $20 for those gypsy yogis that are just visiting. For more of the locals we have packages to help you save money! 5 classes for $75 ($15 per class), 10 classes for $120 ($12 per class) and 20 classes for $200 ($10 per class). For the more serious yogis that are dedicated to their practice you can join our Realm Rewards Monthly Membership and get Unlimited access to Yoga & Meditation classes among other great perks!

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The Awakening Realm tribe is a group of amazing different facilitators, teachers and healers. Together, they are always coming up with new concepts and ideas for one-time and/or series workshops and classes to appeal to a wide variety of interests, as well as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

We offer things like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), workshops on Chakras & Energy, Forgiveness of self and others, Law of Attraction, connecting with your intimate partner, re-wiring your thought patterns, massage techniques, pain-relief techniques, healing modalities, nutritional concepts and so much more!


Are you interested in making an appointment to detox in our Chromotherapy Infrared Sauna?

Interested in Yoga but not sure where to start? Maybe a private one-on-one yoga session to gain guidance, confidence while building your personal foundation.

Or perhaps you are looking for a Reiki session to cleanse your spirit and balance your Chakras & energetic body.

If you are ready to make some life changes and need that extra boost, direction, motivation and guidance, then why not take a trip down the rabbit hole with our Life Coach? You will learn how to reprogram your mind, achieve your goals, enrich your life, improve the quality of life and much more with this one-on-one program!

At The Awakening Realm you can find all of these services as well as the guidance to be your healthiest, most vibrant Self!

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