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Yoga and Event Schedule

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Yoga Class Michiana Elkhart Indiana
Yoga Memberships Elkhart Indiana


At The Quantum Realm Institute we offer many services for life enjoyment, healing, consciousness expansion and more. Please call, text or visit the studio for a free consultation or any other questions about services!

Scheduling Classes, Appointments and Workshops can be done through Mindbody App or Mindbody Online.  Otherwise please feel free to call, text or schedule in person at The Quantum Realm Institute Studio.


Yoga Classes

At The Quantum Realm Institute we have an amazing team of Yoga teachers from the Elkhart, Goshen, Mishawaka, South Bend, and Michigan area that offer many different styles of yoga and classes for all levels of your practice. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, we have a place for you.


Yoga Packages:

Realm Monthly Membership - Unlimited Yoga

30 Day Trial Membership - Unlimited Yoga

6 Month Realm Membership - Unlimited Yoga

Drop-In Single Session

5 Class Package

10 Class Package

20 Class Package

10 Kids Yoga Classes

Suryodaya Yoga​ (Sunrise Yoga)

Kundalini Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

HOT Yoga

Restorative Yoga

YIN Yoga

Ruthmere Yoga (June-August) Outdoor Yoga

Partner Yoga 

Kids Yoga

Tantra Yoga

Hatha Yoga​

Ashtanga Yoga

Chair Yoga

Namaste Yoga (Hatha + Flow)

Yoga Nidra, Sound Bath, & Reiki

Yoga Weekend Retreat

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification

The Quantum Realm Institute is a Nationally Accredited Yoga School that is similar to a college course but around all things YOGA! The quality of our curriculum will have you prepared & capable to be of service as a teacher, and a whole new person! We cover the totality of yoga, not just the physical aspects. You will be mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually challenged all within a supportive, encouraging, and empowering environment.

Yoga is a holistic practice that integrates the mind, body and spirit. At The Quantum Realm Institute we focus on bringing together all three parts so that our yogis can leave feeling whole to face life from the center of their being.

The Realm is a nationally accredited yoga school. We are focused on teaching teachers in a transformative way that honors the true path of yoga.

Most of our modern day gyms and fitness centers are only focused on the physical attributes that yoga offers. At The Realm we hone in on the mind and spirit as well - for they are just as important as the body and we know that it is the balance of all 3 parts to reach our goal. Our goal is to guide others into connection with their higher selves so they may be a vessel of light and for this torch to be passed on and shared.


Have you been thinking of becoming a Yoga teacher to serve your community on a deeper level? As modern-day yoga teachers we are leaders, we are catalysts for change. Yoga teachers are a divine rod for transformation. It is more prevalent each passing day that our world needs true long-lasting change! Are you ready to be a beacon, a lighthouse, a trailblazer? Are you ready to BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in our world?


Maybe you are not interested in leading others but feel a deep calling from within for change in your personal life. If you are looking to deepen your own personal practice and are ready for the tools to create less suffering and more joy - then this program is for you!


If you have further questions give us a call at (574)226-6435.

Private Yoga

Private Yoga Session

ASMR Yoga Nidra


Spilled Tea with Brandi

Yoga for Grief

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Parties

Partner Yoga

Reiki & Energy Healing

​Reiki Certification Training

Reiki Sessions

20 min, 30 min, 60 min​

4 Hands Reiki, 60 min w/ Crystal Layout

Wellness Plan (5 Treatments)

30min Yoga Nidra & 30 min Reiki

Chakra Balancing

Crystal Layout

Learn how to do EFT

Quantum Healing


Tarot Card & Metaphysical Readings

Tarot Training

Tarot & Oracle Readings

3 Card Pull, 30 min, 60 min

Astrology Reading

30 min, 60 min

Tarot Certification Course

Astrology Certification Course

Infrared Sauna

Detox and sweat out the toxins in your body while receiving the benefits of Chromotherapy.

30 minute Session

Shamanic Journey

Drumming Meditation

Akashic Records / Underworld

Cord Cutting Session

Journey to the Garden of Eden

Soul Retrieval Session

Meet Your Spirit Guide

Meet Your Spirit Animal

Cosmic Shaman Certification Course

Sound Healing

Single Session Sound Healing

Yoga Nidra Sound Bath

Gongs, Sound Bowls, Drums and Bells 

Pleiadian Lightwork

9 session Package Pleiadian Lightwork

Pleiadian Lightwork 10 wk Course

Aligning with Higher Collective Consciousness

Aura Cleanse

Blowing Roses

Clearing the Memory Virus

Commitment & Invocation to Remember Devine Purpose

Daily Grounding Technique

Male & Femal Energy Balancing

Owning Your Spinal Pathway

Transforming & Transcending Ego & Karma

Luminous Energy Field Workshop

Life Coaching

6 Month Life-Coaching Program

If you are ready to make some life changes & need that extra boost, direction, & guidance, then why not take a trip down the rabbit hole with our life coach! You will learn how to reprogram your mind, achieve your goals, & enrich the quality of your life with this one-on-one program. This program contains one 1-hour session per week for 6 months. Some weeks will be substituted with a yoga class, reiki session or meditation class.

Cleansing & Blessing

Cleansing & Blessing 1500-3000 sqft

Cleansing & Blessing up to 1500 sqft

Sacred Herb Cleansing


YONI V-Steam

Ayurveda Cleanse

Return To Wholeness program


30 min Meditation Session

Per Session

5 week Workshop

8 week In Full

Realm Member Price Workshop in Full


Kids Yoga

Kids Drumming

Kids Craft

Kids Drumming & Craft

Family Yoga

Package of 10 Kids Yoga Classes

Henna Tattoos

Hands, Feet, Arms, Legs, Chest, Back, Maternity

Small, Medium, Large and XLarge Designs

Classes and Workshops

Mystery School Courses

The Luminous Lightworker (14 Classes)

Reiki Classes


Reiki Certification Training


Western Astrology 101 Workshop (8 Classes)

Wellness Coaching Classes

Meditation Classes

Art Classes

Plant-based Tie-Dye Class

Shibori Tie-Dye Class

Lymphatic Facial Massage

Beeswax Food Covering

Intimate Relationships 101

Tantra for Couples Workshop

Essential Oil Class

Block Therapy Class

Block Therapy 3 part Workshop

Jewelry Making Classes

How-To Make a ring


Qi-Gong per session

6wk workshop

Nutrition Classes

Seed-Starting Class

Shamanic Classes

Shamanic Journey

Quantum Dance

Crafts & More

Magical Mirror Class

Florida Water

Cord-Cutting Candle-Making Class

Sacred Healing Circle

Sacred Scribes

Satsang Discussions

Herbal Tonics


Awareness Through Movement (Per Session)

5 wk Workshop

Sacred Kitchen

Planetary Pasta Class

Cosmic Cosmetics

Lipstick Lab

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