We offer many styles of yoga and classes for all levels of your practice, whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, we have a place for you.


Gentle Yoga

All-Levels Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Chair Yoga

Restorative Yoga

FIRE Yoga (heated)

Vinyasa Flow

Yin Yoga

Mindful Movement

Teen Yoga

Kids Yoga

Mommy & Me Yoga

New Moon & Full Moon Yoga

Rage Yoga

Meditations in Movement

The drop-in rate is $20 per class, each class is an hour long.

Save by buying class packages! 5 classes for $75, 10 classes for $120, and 20 for $200.

Or join our Realm Rewards Membership for $75 a month and receive UNLIMITED access to yoga classes, unlimited sessions in our Infrared Sauna, access to our Realm Members Only yoga class, 50% off your Reiki sessions and other discounts on classes & workshops that happen at The Realm!

The Awakening REALM is always putting together new concepts for one-time and series workshops to appeal to a wide variety of interests and spiritual, mental, and physical needs. We offer sessions on meditation, therapeutic art, EFT tapping, Block Therapy, Chakras and energy, Forgiveness of self & others, Law of Attraction, connecting with your intimate partner, re-wiring your thought patterns, massage techniques, pain-relief techniques, healing modalities, nutritional concepts and so much more!

Prices vary, but generally workshops and sessions cost between $10 and $50 each. Please click the button below to find out more about upcoming workshops and courses!

Are you interested in making an appointment to detox in our Chromotherapy Sauna?

Interested in learning yoga but not sure where to start? Maybe a private yoga session to gain guidance & build your personal foundation.

Or perhaps you're looking for a Reiki session to cleanse your spirit & balance your energetic body (Chakras)?

If you are ready to make some life changes and need that extra boost, direction, and guidance, then why not take a trip down the rabbit hole with our life coach! You will learn how to reprogram your mind, achieve your goals, enrich your life and much more with this one-on-one program.

At The Awakening REALM, you can find all these services and guidance to be your healthiest, most vibrant self!

Click the button below to schedule a private session with a member of our team!

Costs are listed in the (I) info pop-up next to each service listed.

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