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Laika Earthkeeper ERYT500, YACEP,
Reiki Master

Founder of The Quantum Realm Institute

ERYT500 Yoga Teacher / YACEP / Reiki Master Teacher / Shaman Facilitator

Life Coach / Tarot Reader / Astrology Chart Reader / Ayurveda Facilitator

Laika was activated & began her awakening journey in 2012. She had turned to meditation and then yoga to deal with the stress of life, depression, and anxiety. Laika soon realized that it was going to be her life purpose to help guide others into an awakening of their own. Laika graduated from Prana Yoga School of Yoga & Holistic Health in 2014 and a year later birthed The Quantum Realm Institute. She has studied Yoga & Ayurveda under Dani McGuire & Linda Krebs with a Krishnamacharya lineage. Laika also completed her 500 hr with “My Vinyasa Practice” and was certified in Womb Sciences under Usha Ananda and the Womben Wellness program. She received her Reiki Training & Certification from Zaanti Reiki in Chicago Illinois, and has studied under local Shaman, Holly Ingram; which is a student of well-known shaman, Alberto Villoldo. Laika is currently working on receiving her Astrology training & certificate. She also leads Pleiadian Lightwork courses for Starseeds, HSP’s, and other Lightworkers. Laika is a certified Meditation teacher, she is also certified in Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Trauma-Informed Yoga. She is a Continuing Education Provider for Yoga Alliance and leads Nationally Accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings.


“I am an old soul and I have been here many times. I know that my purpose on Earth is to share my wisdom and help as many as I can to remember the Truth of their Divinity.” - Laika


200 HR Yoga Teacher / Reiki Practitioner / ARTIST / PR

 Marissa graduated from Yoga Teacher Training at The Realm and in 2021 became certified in Reiki from Zaanti Reiki in Chicago! She leads our healing movement dances, teaches HOT Yoga & Kids Yoga, as well as Restorative. Marissa does some of our PR, attending the downtown meetings, sharing our upcoming events on public listings, and is our liason with Ryans Place. She is also a talented artist! You can find her work throughout The Realm, as well as at our Downtown Artwalks. Her rings are for sale in our boutique.

Marissa loves animals, creating, dancing, spending time in nature and with her loved ones. She LOVES music as well! She hopes to make a difference in the world, and she is already doing such a great job at it!

We are so grateful that Marissa has joined our team, she is a beautiful part of The Quantum Realm Institute.

Marissa Wing

RYT200, Reiki Practitioner

brian boothe.JPEG

Brian Boothe



200 HR YOGA Teacher


Kristin is a native of Elkhart, IN and has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and received her 200RYT certification in 2020 at The Quantum Realm Institute Yoga & Mystery School. Prior to receiving her certification, she taught Restorative yoga at Riverbend Cancer Services in Mishawaka, IN. Her favorite yoga practices include Ashtanga and Restorative. Kristin resides in Mishawaka with her three cats and two rabbits.

Kristin Howard


Brandi Brown.jpg

Brandi Brown


200 HR Yoga Teacher / 3rd Generational Herbalist /

Ayurveda Specialist


Brandi is a nature loving generational herbalist and humble practitioner of yoga. A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance that enjoys sharing: Yin, Restorative, & Chair Yoga, in which she has attained additional certifications. Believing its beneficial to know your dosha type, Brandi also holds a certificate as an Ayurveda Specialist. She is also currently working towards attaining her 500hr Yoga Teacher Certification! We are so honored to have Brandi as part of our team!


Astrology Workshop Facilitator / Astrology Reader / Author


John became interested in the Mystic Arts at 17. Although he calls himself eclectic, the source of most of his studies has been three St. Germain Projects.  He has lived and worked all over the world. Working on computers in 65 factories, gave him the exposure to thousands of people. He interviewed them, after hours, as part of his study of Astrological Sun Signs and how they affect Human Relationships. His book “What’s BUNK About Astrology” is a conclusion of that 49 year study. John leads Astrology workshops at The Realm. He also offers Astrology Readings!

John D'Avella



Meditation Teacher


Teacher, Catalytic lightworker, philosopher, cosmic behavioral therapist, meditator, empath, Virgo. Thomas leads Meditation classes, workshops, and other discourses of discussion.

Thomas Wright


cory G.JPG

Cory Guerra

Satsang Facilitator

Hey, my name is Cory. I’ve been studying the true nature of reality, consciousness, &/or metaphysics since 2015. Since then, I’ve wanted answers to all the existential questions you can think of and found more than I could have imagined. In doing so, I realized the sheer scale of what humans can be conscious of. I can sense the extent of human perception and what is beyond human perception, and I can confidently say I am no master compared to the people and nonphysical beings that I learn from... not even close, but relative to the average person, I might be a bit more conscious to what is going on and how life functions and that is why I’m here to teach.

Anyways I’m happy to help anyone who genuinely wants to know the truth… about that which lies within & beyond relativity.


Cory leads a series called “Satsang Discussions”, which includes an array of topics around consciousness, dimensions, channeling, soul contracts, aliens and more! We are so excited to have Cory on our team!


Drumming Circle Facilitator

Earth name, Tiera Porter-House, or just simply, "Ti" (Pronounced "Tee").

Elkhart,IN Native. Holistic Mental Health Advocate, Artist, Content Creator, and Community Builder. Ti leads our monthly drumming circle and we are so excited to have her on our team!

Tiera Porterhouse

Drumming Circle Facilitator



Karma Yogi

Karma Yogi Ambassador

I was born in South Bend and I've stayed local all my life. I have a degree from IUSB in Secondary Education - English/Language Arts. After a couple of years of subbing, I realized that while I enjoy education and leadership, teaching in a classroom is not for me (classroom management is exhausting!) I now have a career in business management in the animal field. I am married and together my amazing and caring husband and I have a 5 year old son (so funny, sweet and kind), a dog (bossy and crazy and perfect) and a goldfish (social, but skittish around new people). I love board games, crafting (especially cross stitch!), reading, listening to podcasts, kayaking, hiking, hanging out at the lake, visiting national parks, going on adventures, learning/trying new things, and... ok so I can pretty much get on board with and be excited about anything! I also love my crystals, my oracle card decks, meditation, and journaling. I'm on a journey of learning to love and accept myself, rediscovering my true self, healing emotional and mental wounds, and adding some calm and peace to my life. I recently started yoga and I'm so happy that I did! I'm excited to be a part of The Quantum Realm community who have welcomed me so fully and warmly!

erin headshot.jpg


Karma Yogi

I was born in East Detroit, yet lived most of my formative years in the small farming community of St Johns, Michigan. I went to college at Michigan State and eventually moved out west to San Francisco where I met and married my husband of 30 years. My career, before the "stay at home mom" years entailed working for Birkenstock Footwear USA, where I became Advertising manager for local, regional and national marketing campaigns. I have always looked fondly on those years as we comfortably wore our Birks to work and each had our own gardening plot that we were able to easily retreat to as stresses of the day fell upon us. We also participated in plenty of Earth day events and wellness festivals all over the country. In this, I now happily have found a very similar vibe at The Quantum Realm Institute.

After having moved from coast to coast, we finally settled back in the midwest where my story first began. I am finally at a point in life where I can fully connect with myself again and embrace all of life's treasures from an entirely new perspective.

The Quantum Realm Institute stepped into my life meaningfully, purposefully and in perfect I believe was always intended. I cannot express how lovely it is to be surrounded by intentional peace, warmth and serenity that seems to flow naturally through all who work here. Many thanks for allowing me to be a part of The Quantum Realm family!

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