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Our Mission

A sacred safe space for all paths; in service to the evolutionary expansion of humanity through consciousness.Planting seeds of potential in your psyche for a profound sense of mystic based faith from an individual, genuine, authentic inner experience.Integrating science & spirituality through investigations into the cosmos, the mind, nature, and ancient knowledge.Encouraging, enlightening, and empowering each individual soul that walks through the Quantum door.

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The Awakening Realm went QUANTUM

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The Awakening Realm was established in December of 2016.  The Realm offered Yoga, Reiki, Tarot Readings and more.  Over the years The Awakening Realm EVOLVED and GREW into so much more.  We will always love, respect and be grateful for everything The Awakening Realm brought to us - it is our foundation of who we are today.  Now that we've grown, we hope you enjoy joining us in our expansion to The Quantum Realm. 

As I sat in my heart and heard the words whispered, "After your Awakening, you merge your connection with Gaia to your connection with the Cosmos, and then you merge with the Higher Realms. You become multi-dimensional. You go Quantum."

And then in physical form came the delivery of a note that read, "First you suffer, next you Awaken, and then you Ascend."


As we honor the death of The Awakening Realm, we greet the birth of The Quantum Realm Institute Yoga & Mystic School

"A physical portal where everyone who walks through the Quantum Door is elevated and expanded."

The Quantum promise is that we take your healing, the quality of your life & your spiritual journey very seriously. We are focused on True Healing.
Real Support.
True Self-Realization.
Real Purpose Discovery.
This means our focus is to share information, knowledge, techniques and more so that you can make the Best Decisions, to live Your Best Life, and be the Best YOU that you Are!


Laika Earthkeeper
Cosmic StarSeed Lightworker

Founder of The Quantum Realm Institute

ERYT500 Yoga Teacher / YACEP / Reiki Master Teacher / Life Coach

Shamanic Facilitator / Tarot Reader / Astrology Chart Reader / Ayurveda Facilitator / StarSeed Lightworker

Laika was activated & began her awakening journey in 2012. She had turned to meditation and then yoga to deal with the stress of life, depression, and anxiety. Laika soon realized that it was going to be her life purpose to help guide others into an awakening of their own. Laika graduated from Prana Yoga School of Yoga & Holistic Health in 2014 and a year later birthed The Quantum Realm Institute. She has studied Yoga & Ayurveda under Dani McGuire & Linda Krebs with a Krishnamacharya lineage. Laika also completed her 500 hr with “My Vinyasa Practice” and was certified in Womb Sciences under Usha Ananda and the Womben Wellness program. She received her Reiki Training & Certification from Zaanti Reiki in Chicago Illinois, and has studied under local Shaman, Holly Ingram; which is a student of well-known shaman, Alberto Villoldo. Laika is currently working on receiving her Astrology training & certificate. She also leads Pleiadian Lightwork courses for Starseeds, HSP’s, and other Lightworkers. Laika is a certified Meditation teacher, she is also certified in Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Trauma-Informed Yoga. She is a Continuing Education Provider for Yoga Alliance and leads Nationally Accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings.


“I am an old soul and I have been here many times. I know that my purpose on Earth is to share my wisdom and help as many as I can to remember the Truth of their Divinity.” - Laika

The Quantum Realm Team

Hello!  This is your Quantum Realm Team of Yoga Teachers, Service Providers and Barter Ambassadors.  We teach and facilitate a wide range of classes and workshops and our Barter Ambassadors will greet you at the door, sign you in for classes and help sign up for membership and more!  Come visit the Quantum Realm - this team will take great care to ensure you have a wonderful time!

Are you interested in becoming part of our Team?
Please contact Laika: 574-226-6435

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