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Our Mission

A sacred safe space for all paths; in service to the evolutionary expansion of humanity through consciousness.Planting seeds of potential in your psyche for a profound sense of mystic based faith from an individual, genuine, authentic inner experience.Integrating science & spirituality through investigations into the cosmos, the mind, nature, and ancient knowledge.Encouraging, enlightening, and empowering each individual soul that walks through the Quantum door.

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The Awakening Realm went QUANTUM

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The Awakening Realm was established in December of 2016.  The Realm offered Yoga, Reiki, Tarot Readings and more.  Over the years The Awakening Realm EVOLVED and GREW into so much more.  We will always love, respect and be grateful for everything The Awakening Realm brought to us - it is our foundation of who we are today.  Now that we've grown, we hope you enjoy joining us in our expansion to The Quantum Realm. 

As I sat in my heart and heard the words whispered, "After your Awakening, you merge your connection with Gaia to your connection with the Cosmos, and then you merge with the Higher Realms. You become multi-dimensional. You go Quantum."

And then in physical form came the delivery of a note that read, "First you suffer, next you Awaken, and then you Ascend."


As we honor the death of The Awakening Realm, we greet the birth of The Quantum Realm Institute Yoga & Mystic School

"A physical portal where everyone who walks through the Quantum Door is elevated and expanded."

The Quantum promise is that we take your healing, the quality of your life & your spiritual journey very seriously. We are focused on True Healing.
Real Support.
True Self-Realization.
Real Purpose Discovery.
This means our focus is to share information, knowledge, techniques and more so that you can make the Best Decisions, to live Your Best Life, and be the Best YOU that you Are!

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Laika Earthkeeper ERYT500, YACEP,
Reiki Master

Founder of The Quantum Realm Institute

ERYT500 Yoga Teacher / YACEP / Reiki Master Teacher / Shaman Facilitator

Life Coach / Tarot Reader / Astrology Chart Reader / Ayurveda Facilitator

Laika was activated & began her awakening journey in 2012. She had turned to meditation and then yoga to deal with the stress of life, depression, and anxiety. Laika soon realized that it was going to be her life purpose to help guide others into an awakening of their own. Laika graduated from Prana Yoga School of Yoga & Holistic Health in 2014 and a year later birthed The Quantum Realm Institute. She has studied Yoga & Ayurveda under Dani McGuire & Linda Krebs with a Krishnamacharya lineage. Laika also completed her 500 hr with “My Vinyasa Practice” and was certified in Womb Sciences under Usha Ananda and the Womben Wellness program. She received her Reiki Training & Certification from Zaanti Reiki in Chicago Illinois, and has studied under local Shaman, Holly Ingram; which is a student of well-known shaman, Alberto Villoldo. Laika is currently working on receiving her Astrology training & certificate. She also leads Pleiadian Lightwork courses for Starseeds, HSP’s, and other Lightworkers. Laika is a certified Meditation teacher, she is also certified in Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Trauma-Informed Yoga. She is a Continuing Education Provider for Yoga Alliance and leads Nationally Accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings.


“I am an old soul and I have been here many times. I know that my purpose on Earth is to share my wisdom and help as many as I can to remember the Truth of their Divinity.” - Laika


200 HR Yoga Teacher / Reiki Practitioner / ARTIST / PR

 Marissa graduated from Yoga Teacher Training at The Realm and in 2021 became certified in Reiki from Zaanti Reiki in Chicago! She leads our healing movement dances, teaches HOT Yoga & Kids Yoga, as well as Restorative. Marissa does some of our PR, attending the downtown meetings, sharing our upcoming events on public listings, and is our liason with Ryans Place. She is also a talented artist! You can find her work throughout The Realm, as well as at our Downtown Artwalks. Her rings are for sale in our boutique.

Marissa loves animals, creating, dancing, spending time in nature and with her loved ones. She LOVES music as well! She hopes to make a difference in the world, and she is already doing such a great job at it!

We are so grateful that Marissa has joined our team, she is a beautiful part of The Quantum Realm Institute.

Marissa Wing

RYT200, Reiki Practitioner

brian boothe.JPEG

Brian Boothe


200 HR Yoga Teacher

Brian is a certified yoga teacher registered through Yoga Alliance. He received his training at The Awakening Realm in Elkhart, IN in 2020. He is in love with his wife and 5 kids that keep him very busy. He is a self-taught artist who paints predominately on canvas and always has something swirling around his head with what he can create next with his hands. He loves being active and spending time in nature with his mountain bike. He is infatuated with music and is endlessly on the lookout for vinyl records to add to his collection. He was first introduced to yoga while doing P90X and it was an instant turnoff. It wasn’t until years later his wife invited him to a yoga class and he became intrigued. He decided to join his wife in teacher training to deepen his practice. He had no intention of teaching until along his journey he realized that he couldn’t wait to share what he learned. In his classes he will focus on creating a union between mind, body and spirit. You will find that sounds play an important part of his classes. Whether it’s a singing bowl, chimes, a gong or a great playlist, there will be something that brings the power of vibration to the body. He feels that yoga is more than just poses and knows the importance of just letting go. With open arms he welcomes all to yoga and invites everyone to their own journey.

One of his favorite quotes which he brings to the mat every time he steps on it:

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde


200 HR YOGA Teacher


Kristin is a native of Elkhart, IN and has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and received her 200RYT certification in 2020 at The Quantum Realm Institute Yoga & Mystery School. Prior to receiving her certification, she taught Restorative yoga at Riverbend Cancer Services in Mishawaka, IN. Her favorite yoga practices include Ashtanga and Restorative. Kristin resides in Mishawaka with her three cats and two rabbits.

Kristin Howard


Brandi Brown.jpg

200 HR Yoga Teacher / 3rd Generational Herbalist /

Ayurveda Specialist


Brandi is a nature loving generational herbalist and humble practitioner of yoga. A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance that enjoys sharing: Yin, Restorative, & Chair Yoga, in which she has attained additional certifications. Believing its beneficial to know your dosha type, Brandi also holds a certificate as an Ayurveda Specialist. She is also currently working towards attaining her 500hr Yoga Teacher Certification! We are so honored to have Brandi as part of our team!

Brandi Brown



Astrology Workshop Facilitator / Astrology Reader / Author


John became interested in the Mystic Arts at 17. Although he calls himself eclectic, the source of most of his studies has been three St. Germain Projects.  He has lived and worked all over the world. Working on computers in 65 factories, gave him the exposure to thousands of people. He interviewed them, after hours, as part of his study of Astrological Sun Signs and how they affect Human Relationships. His book “What’s BUNK About Astrology” is a conclusion of that 49 year study. John leads Astrology workshops at The Realm. He also offers Astrology Readings!

John D'Avella



Meditation Teacher


Teacher, Catalytic lightworker, philosopher, cosmic behavioral therapist, meditator, empath, Virgo. Thomas leads Meditation classes, workshops, and other discourses of discussion.

Thomas Wright




Barter Ambassador

Barter Ambassador


I was born in South Bend and I've stayed local all my life. I have a degree from IUSB in Secondary Education - English/Language Arts. After a couple of years of subbing, I realized that while I enjoy education and leadership, teaching in a classroom is not for me (classroom management is exhausting!) I now have a career in business management in the animal field. I am married and together my amazing and caring husband and I have a 5 year old son (so funny, sweet and kind), a dog (bossy and crazy and perfect) and a goldfish (social, but skittish around new people). I love board games, crafting (especially cross stitch!), reading, listening to podcasts, kayaking, hiking, hanging out at the lake, visiting national parks, going on adventures, learning/trying new things, and... ok so I can pretty much get on board with and be excited about anything! I also love my crystals, my oracle card decks, meditation, and journaling. I'm on a journey of learning to love and accept myself, rediscovering my true self, healing emotional and mental wounds, and adding some calm and peace to my life. I recently started yoga and I'm so happy that I did! I'm excited to be a part of The Quantum Realm community who have welcomed me so fully and warmly!

erin headshot.jpg

Barter Ambassador


Barter Ambassador

I was born in East Detroit, yet lived most of my formative years in the small farming community of St Johns, Michigan. I went to college at Michigan State and eventually moved out west to San Francisco where I met and married my husband of 30 years. My career, before the "stay at home mom" years entailed working for Birkenstock Footwear USA, where I became Advertising manager for local, regional and national marketing campaigns. I have always looked fondly on those years as we comfortably wore our Birks to work and each had our own gardening plot that we were able to easily retreat to as stresses of the day fell upon us. We also participated in plenty of Earth day events and wellness festivals all over the country. In this, I now happily have found a very similar vibe at The Quantum Realm Institute.

After having moved from coast to coast, we finally settled back in the midwest where my story first began. I am finally at a point in life where I can fully connect with myself again and embrace all of life's treasures from an entirely new perspective.

The Quantum Realm Institute stepped into my life meaningfully, purposefully and in perfect I believe was always intended. I cannot express how lovely it is to be surrounded by intentional peace, warmth and serenity that seems to flow naturally through all who work here. Many thanks for allowing me to be a part of The Quantum Realm family!


Barter Ambassador

I began my yoga journey about 12 years ago when I attended the local bikram studio where I lived in Colorado. I loved the practice and have been able to enjoy a variety of classes in a variety of studios over the years, as well as doing my practice from home and in nature. Hot yoga remains one of my favorites and I have learned about the more mental side of the practice also, though I am still just a beginner in that search. I have a profound respect for life and try to remember that each day is a blessing. I truly appreciate each human as a singular miracle, and I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

Barter Ambassador



Barter Ambassador


Barter Ambassador

I’m a retired mom of 4 children, 8 grandchildren.  I’ve been a lifelong Elkhart resident and have watched it grow up to a beautiful little city and make use of its resources.  I love to be outdoors at the Wellfield Botanical Garden, a park, or anywhere near water.

During my nearly 50 working years, I worked in computer operations, HR and accounting jobs, but always maintained an interest in natural healing through supplements, natural therapies, body movement, etc.  I have a CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional) certification from Trinity School of Natural Health in Warsaw, IN. - mainly for the love of learning and keeping myself as healthy as I can. 

In the past 5 years I have become much more interested in the spiritual world and meditation.  I believe we should be lifelong learners, and I’m happy to find this new path to follow because there is so much to learn!   Coming to be at the Quantum Realm feels so right for me, and I love being in this space.   💜     


Barter Ambassador

Barter Ambassador

I was born & raised in Racine, Wisconsin & have lived in Elkhart for the past 21 years.  I have a son & 4 beautiful grandchildren who also live here in Elkhart.  I love to ride my motorcycle & even ventured to North Carolina to ride the Tail of the Dragon last year.  I have a wonderful group of ladies I started riding with about 6 years ago & enjoy our time & comradery together.  I also like to go fishing, spending time with my grandchildren, working in my yard & walking.  I have worked in the RV industry, on the clerical side, for the past 19 1/2 years & enjoy what I do.  


I started my spiritual & self awareness journey about 4 years ago thru Yoga & meditation.  I recently became a Reiki practitioner & enjoy sharing what I have learned (& am still learning) with others.  The Quantum Realm has become a great part of my journey.  I have come to find it is much more than a yoga studio, the spiritualism that goes along with the classes is like no other.  Everyone affiliated with this place has such wonderful energy.  I am fortunate to be apart of this amazing institution.


I'm 60 years young & have realized that journeys, whatever they may be, can begin with one thing:  yourself.  Letting yourself be free, loved & knowing so much is out there for you to discover.  Come see us at The Quantum Realm if you want to discover more.



Barter Ambassador

My name is David I am a certified Reiki Master in Usui/Tibetan Holy Fire Reiki, Therapeutic Meditation Facilitator, and a tie dye artist. I have decided to follow the path of Bhakti yoga, the path of unconditional love and devotion. Sharing my light through love and devotion is my true purpose of being in this life. Feeling the call of helping others from a young age, I have trained in Holy Fire Reiki to assist others on their own path and purpose. As I travel on this path I have devoted my life to sharing love and kindness with others each moment of every day, and embody unconditional love as the foundation of my service to others 🙏


Barter Ambassador


200hr Yoga Teacher

Yogi Michelle has been a student of yoga for many years before deciding to become a teacher. In truth, the student and the teacher are and has always been one in the same. She resides in South Bend with her dogs, Honey and Oscar. She hopes to bring peace, light, and love to the world, one class at a time.


200hr Yoga Teacher


200hr Yoga Teacher

200hr Yoga Teacher


Yogi Breeze here :) 
Not to be dramatic, but I truly love yoga. I dove into the Yoga Teacher Training @ The Realm in 2021. I was fairly inexperienced to the whole practice when I signed up for it. Yes, we know the poses are beautiful. I knew there was tons of interesting history to learn.. but the limit does not exist in the practice of yoga. 
I have 3 beautiful children and a wonderful fiancé. I am blessed and highly favored. I am spontaneous, light-hearted, inspired by crafts and big ideas. I am an April-Aries baby. 
Yoga is very much a part of my everyday life. I don’t always begin seated on the mat, ending in svasana every time- but that truly is the beauty of it. I look forward to sharing variations of this ancient practice with all of you, whilst learning from one another as we go along. 



Barter Ambassador

Laurie is an Elkhart native, who’s interest in yoga began with her mother’s book from the seventies. She has practiced on and off throughout her life and throughout the wide variety of spiritual modalities she’s explored. Laurie is also an avid tarot practitioner, which eventually led to her career in social work. She is currently living her “witch in the woods” cottage dreams with her partner, dog, and menagerie of animals.


Barter Ambassador


Barter Ambassador

Hello! My name is Kim. I am a lifelong resident of this area, growing up in Mishawaka, and residing in North Liberty. I have a husband of 20 years and two children, boy and girl. I’m a registered nurse by profession and a healer by nature. I began doing yoga at home 3-4 years ago and experimenting with essential oils for health and wellness. I’m excited to gain all the knowledge I can to provide healing and love to the world physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I love oils, crystals, and being in nature. I’m a Libra. I’m acutely empathic. I love to reading and sing. I’m also a dog lover…all animals really! My home is full of dogs, cats, chickens, fish, gecko, and more!

Barter Ambassador


Massage Therapist / Reiki Practitioner

Massage Therapist / Reiki Practitioner

Hello friends. My name is Mark Swaim. A former Edwardsburg Michigan resident, now residing in the Bristol-Elkhart area for the last 30 years. I have been married to my wonderful wife, Heather for 31 years and have 3 awesome children: Lindsey, Eric, & Andrew (and of course, our Australian Shepard – Khaleesi). I enjoy golfing, exploring the woods, sitting around a fire, and star gazing for hours. Most all my life, I’ve had a passion for helping people – or at least putting on a smile on their faces! About 20 years ago, I went to a school in Chicago to learn massage a therapy - which I did. I didn’t pursue a career in this type of therapy, but I would say for the last 18 years or so, my wife and some other people have enjoyed it very much. 😊 For the past 28 years – most of my career, I’ve been an automotive painter. I’ve also enjoyed doing various freelance painting projects like cars, guitars, golf carts, etc.

I have always felt a pull to pursue something beyond painting. 2 years ago, I decided to pray about it - I started praying to become a healer. I can look back at the last couple of years and see how a path was being laid out for me to follow. I didn’t quite understand it then, but I just kept praying and watching everything unfold before me - what a testimony I have to share! I told my wife and family I wasn’t sure what was coming, but I was sure it’s something big.  Pretty soon, the right people started entering my life. These people have not only helped heal me but have also helped me understand my place and my true calling.

That path, my prayers, and those people have led me here – and I am happy to announce that I am able to offer healing to the world via Reiki-Massage.  This consists of a soft massage to calm the mind, body, and soul and to help awaken the Christ-Conscious in you! I have a passion to help the sick and tired and I hope you will join me on this journey to healing! Many Blessings.


200hr Yoga Teacher / Yoga Nidra Sound Bath Facilitator / Author

200hr Yoga Teacher / Yoga Nidra Sound Bath Facilitator / Author

Kelly is a career professional in the Health & Wellness Industry. A graduate of Ball State University from the school of Exercise Science. 30+ years directing large fitness facilities and law enforcement in purposeful programs, hiring talented staff and assisting many on their way to competitive and healthful outcomes.

Still working to assist companies, groups and individuals find their best self through the use of tools and resources that have helped many journey to find homeostasis.


Creator and Author of Katie Ladybug book series to teach the practice of MINDFULNESS, being present with your THOUGHTS, FEELINGS & EMOTIONS . . . a very important aspect of wellness.


Thai Massage Therapist

Thai Massage Therapist

Thai massage is a healing modality that uses compression, point work, passive stretching and a combination of compression and stretching called the pin and stretch method.
This style allows the therapist to optimize the use of all their tools: hands, forearms, elbows, knees, or feet, and sometimes sitting down on a person to create stable heavy compression.
Because the client is clothed and the work is performed on a mat we are able to move a client through greater ranges of motion to achieve greater relief.
We are also able to adjust and position the client in a number of ways not accessible in table massage. This freedom allows us access to more angles when working on challenging muscle groups.
The combination of these tools and movements allows the therapist to help the client alleviate pain, discomfort, or stiffness.

Thai massage helps:
Relieve Headaches
Back pain
Stiffness and discomfort
Increases flexibility and ROM
Eases anxiety
Increase energy
And it’s a form of stress relief




Brian has over thirty years of experience focusing mind, body, and energy in the form of martial arts study. For the past ten he has been leading, teaching, and training students in the same disciplines. He is now focused on spiritual development in the form of shamanic study and practices. Taking the spirit name "Two Feathers" he draws parallels between traditional methods of animal medicine, drumming and journeying with the modern philosophies of Michael Singer, who advocates release and surrender to the seat of consciousness. 



Henna Tattoo Artist

Henna Tattoo Artist


Hi! 😊 My name is Jessica and I am excited to provide lovely henna to the Elkhart area! I started face painting and henna in 2008 and had so much fun at festivals, parties and company events until 2017. Now it’s time again to invite art, creativity and wonderful adventures into my life.  I look forward to meeting new people to beautifully decorate with henna. I use natural henna powder from the plant lawsonia inermis and mix with an organic lavender essential oil blend and fresh lemon juice. This mixture becomes a paste that, when applied, stains the skin with a brown temporary tattoo for one to two weeks depending on the location it is applied (the less exfoliation, the longer the temporary tattoo lasts).  Henna has been used as body art decoration for weddings, ceremonies and festivals since ancient times.  Now this temporary tattoo can be applied for anyone at any time - to add decoration to the body, to add happiness to hands, feet, arms, legs, and bellies and to fully enjoy as you just cannot stop looking at your unique design. I look forward to meeting you and applying your beautiful henna! 

Lots of Love


Barter Ambassador

Barter Ambassador

I take the role of ambassador seriously.  I am untrained, am not versed in all the terminology and details, but I am naturally empathetic, intuitive and a spiritually oriented person. I feel the positive energy of this place and I want to enhance, respect, and protect it.  When someone comes through the door, I want them to feel welcome, respected and safe; and when they leave to feel appreciated, acknowledged and cared for, whether a regular, or a newcomer.  I am an artist, engineer, and designer.  I am a lover of art and mustic of all sorts.  I dabble in many things and have a diverse skill set.  I believe in the proper care and maintenance of the mind, body and soul.  I have been doing "shadow work" on myself for many years and did not know the name for it untel recently.  I have been battling, slaying and in some cases even harnessing my own inner demons, turning them from weakness to strength, from wound to armor.  A warrior, a crusader against the dying of the light.  Both within and without.  I am proud of how far I have come in this endeavor.  I believe in striving to be closer to the higher self, individuality, and harmondy with all things, while maintaining inner peace. I want to help others do so as well.  I hope to make many new friends and to help others on their own journeys as best I can.  I thank you for being here, and I am thankful to bask in the positive energy this place emanates.

Are you interested in becoming part of our Team?
Please contact Laika: 574-226-6435

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