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The Quantum Realm Institute is a Nationally Accredited Yoga School that also offers Yoga Classes, Meditation, Reiki, Tarot & Oracle Card Readings, Meditation, Sound Therapy and many more services, classes and workshops.
Travel to The Quantum Realm to discover new paths of Awakening yourself.

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What do you love most about your experiences at The Quantum Realm Institute?

“Like minded people, open communication, relaxing and soothing to all aspects of mind and body."
"The people and the energy you are all cultivating in that space."
"Walked in feeling stressed and tired and left feeling relaxed and energized! i look forward to this class all week!"
"I am encouraged and rewarded for simply being who I want to be. I am able to be the person I want to be fully, while I still am opening that up in my "regular" life."
"My hips feel so much better after that moon flow! 🌚"
"This was a great class to learn step by step how to do a vinyasa and other challenging poses in yoga. I would love another class like this!"
Yoga Memberships Michiana
Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training Course Elkhart Indiana Michiana
Yoga Teacher Training Testimony
High Lunge Yoga Class
Yoga Teacher Training Testimony
Laika's Book - you can buy on Amazon
Yoga Teacher Training Testimony
Yoga Teacher Training Testimony
Yoga Teacher Training Testimony
Yoga Teacher Training Testimony
Supine Twist Yoga Class
Yoga Class Packages
Shamanic Drumming Session for guided journey & spiritual healing $122
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