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January Newsletter

Greetings everyone! 2020 has been such an interesting year for everyone! As a collective I am sure we are ready to let go and move into a NEW YEAR! Let's do it with Kindness and let's do it Together! At The Awakening Realm our mission is to Awaken and Enlighten hearts and minds while connecting and yoking in community! We provide a loving, non-judging environment that is safe for everyone to unravel their personal mysteries and move into connection with their destiny. Our door is open to anyone and we aim to provide many different healing and therapeutic modalities because we know that each beautiful soul is an authentic and unique expression of their own and not every tool works the same for all. We look forward to working with you on your New Year Sankalpa (Intention) on what you desire for your life and we hope that The Awakening Realm can be a stepping stone to aid in your journey and help guide you on your path! Much Love!


The Awakening Realm is a nationally accredited Yoga School and we will be leading a Spring 200 hour Teacher Training in March. We are hosting a FREE informational class on Sunday January 17th at 1pm. This will be a great opportunity to ask any questions and learn the requirements needed for this training! We hope to see you there!

ITY Club starts on Tuesday January 5th

ITY Club stands for "Inspiring Teens & Youth". This club is a monthly membership that gives kids a sense of belonging and connection. We will have two groups, 1 group will be for ages 6-10 and the 2nd group will be for ages 11-15. Each group will get to participate in an hour of Yoga, meditation along with education on Energy, Chakras and Emotions. The second hour will be spent activating and nurturing their creative side doing arts and crafts! Membership is an auto-pay of $80 a month. The membership price includes the cost of their craft supplies. Sign up today to reserve your spot due to each age group being limited to 10 children only!

Make sure you get your Raffle Tickets!!

We will be drawing on Monday January 4th!!!

Our 2nd Location is OPEN!!!!

2206 Prairie Street Elkhart, IN

Look for the Awakening Realm sign in the yard and enter through the gate. Studio is located in back of garage building.

Right now the scheduled classes at the 2nd Location are:

Mondays at 6pm ~ Yoga Basics with Brandy


Wednesdays at 6pm ~ Yin & Yang Yoga with Arlene

You’ve heard about paint by number, but have you heard about paint by yoga?

We will be combining two beautiful arts to express our inner beauty! We will get our artist creativity energy flowing with an hour of paint and yoga! Dress in attire that is comfortable, and you don’t mind getting paint on. Water base paint will be used to create our masterpiece.

Brandy will guide you in a sequence that will help get your creative energy flowing and inspired you to create a masterpiece. Once warmed up you can than explore what your inner being is trying to express while flowing on a personal size canvas, that you can take home when done. When inspiration speaks you can add phrases, quotes or paint an image on the canvas once you have completed your yoga flow. The possibilities are endless and there is no right or wrong way in creating your masterpiece. All supplies are supplied for an easy no fuse, fun night out with friends. 10 people total. Sign up to today! Cost is $50.

Allan Van Leeuwen will teach you the powerful and amazing details of playing the Didgeridoo! This is an introduction to playing the didge and circular breathing! Allan has been playing didgeridoo since 2005, traveled the country for didgeridoo festivals and gatherings, created digeridoos since 2007, and taught how to play since 2009. In this workshop, you will learn: Basic Drone - Basic Rhythms - Harmonics - Vocals - Circular Breathing Intro A starter didge will be available at the workshop for you to keep! These will be covid friendly. They will not be played before the class! There will be various didgeridoos at the workshop to give you an idea of the wide range of sounds and pitches that can be created on this ancient instrument. Everyone will receive a printed workshop handout that's great for taking your playing beyond the basics. The lesson workshop is $75 and includes your very own Didgeridoo to keep! Sign up today to reserve your spot!

Awakening your Spirit through Ecstatic Dance…. No Dance Skills Necessary! Are you looking to get back in tune with your body? Have you been neglecting the movements of your soul? Let us help you take the pressure off, by honoring your body through movement. Join Brandy as you dance to the rhythm of your own souls. Ecstatic dance is a great way to get the body moving, freeing your mind and body, while connecting to yourself and others in a safe and healthy space. Ecstatic Dance is an expressive form of dance that doesn’t follow any certain steps, other than the steps of one’s own heart. Ecstatic Dance empowers all body’s and walks of life to reconnect to one’s inner being. We will be moving our bodies to the sound of tribal music, so we can connect deeply to our inner warrior. We have great knowledge that lies within us and Ecstatic Dance is a beautiful way to express this knowledge. We’ll start with a sacred drumming circle to protect our space and close with journaling. I encourage, each soul to bring an alter item to add to the drumming circle, which will help with connecting mind, body and soul during the dance. Dress in comfortable attire and come with an open mind to reconnect with your true self.

This is all about getting great exercise, freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and your community in a safe, healthy space. No dance experience needed. Do yoga, stretch, dance like no one’s watching!

Cost is $20 for non-members or $15 for members. Sign up online or use the mindbody app!

The goal with this class is to tap into the core of our creative BE-ing through various prompted creative writing ideas. When we write we tap into our subconscious mind... when tapping into our subconscious mind we are able to bring thoughts and emotions to the surface that we may or may not have known were there. Come join us with a journal and Pen in Hand. There is no right or wrong way to create in this class - the only goal is to get you in tune with your creative self conscious mind. Cost is $15 and you can reserve your spot online at or use the free Mindbody app! See you there!

Curious? Not sure what yoga is all about? This workshop is for you.


We will begin by learning a brief history and what exactly yoga is. Next, breaking down some common yoga poses, focusing on alignment for safety and understanding. We'll touch on what you might expect in different types of yoga classes so you can choose the style that best suits you and your needs, the use of props, as well as go over some common studio etiquette. To wrap up we'll do a yoga class using some of the poses we've learned so you can experience some benefits of yoga and gain the confidence needed to attend your first yoga class. If you've wondered if yoga might be right for you, or if you want an opportunity to strengthen your foundation of yoga, we hope you'll join Brian for this fun and informative course.

Manifesting Through the Heart ~ The Law of Attraction Demystified What mystics have long known, and areas of science are beginning to recognize, is the power of the Heart. Your Heart produces the strongest electrical and strongest magnetic field in your body. As all matter is energy, both electrical and magnetic, the powerful field of the heart is the core of our experience in this dimension of matter. Explore where science and mysticism meet on the playing field of your journey as you consciously create a life you love. Transform your relationship with your life through heart-centered focus and intention, fine-tuning your wants and desires. You will have a clearer understanding of the Law of Attraction and tools to blend your desires of the external experience with the emotions (energy in motion) of your inner experience. Join me in the field of infinite possibilities as we together, explore the power of our Hearts. Cost is $65, this is a 4 hour workshop, water & snack will be provided. Sign up today to reserve your spot!


Make sure you check out our other services and offerings that are always an option for you:

As you can see we have many different things going on to kick off the New Year! Most of our facilitators are also undergoing more training in New and Innovative Certifications to bring you more techniques and modalities so stay tuned as we grow with you! Please remember, we are here for you, so please don't hesitate to reach out and ask your questions or share your experiences so we can better serve you! We are excited to enter the Age of Aquarius with you! Not only is this a New Year but we are now in a New Era! There is so much to be thankful for and we are most thankful for YOU, our community that continues to grow in Mindfulness and Heart-centered Connections! So THANK YOU for being a part of this monumental environment!

Namaste and MUCH LOVE

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