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April Newsletter

April Newsletter

HELLO SPRING..... This time of year is always the best time to do the things you have been putting off. This is a time of "new beginnings" & "fresh starts". The energies that are prevalent this time of year are here to support us as we become more active, we transcend, we take off and shoot out into the world like the flowers beginning to bloom. Hopefully you have used the inward time of winter to ask yourself, "where am I going?" or "what do I want out of life?" These questions and questions similar are the fork in the road where we re-evaluate what we want, what is feeding our souls, and what is not. Who do we want to be? HOW do we want to be in this world? What are we creating versus WHAT do we want to create? At The Awakening Realm we are here to support you as you ask yourself the questions necessary to get you going on your journey. Our mission has been to provide a space that creates a supportive and empowering community where people are safe to dive deep within themselves to find the answers they seek. We hope you join us whether it's your first time (FIRST CLASS IS FREE) or if it's a workshop on the Chakras to educate yourself more on your energetic body, or the Dream workshop where you can learn to interpret your dreams for the signs & messages that you need as puzzle pieces on your quest, or maybe the Nutrition workshop because you are ready to make real changes with your physical health! Whatever it might be that you are needing right now on your journey we are here for you.



Psychic Fair

If you are looking for answers, guidance, insight, confirmation or just some understanding you are invited to join us for our Psychic Fair! This event is a non-judging environment where you can choose the reader of your choice. Tarot, Oracle, Runes and or Oil readings are offered. Walk-ins Welcome!! We hope to see you there!

Reset & Rejuvenate your Mind-Body-Spirit with Nutrition

Spring is right around the corner and we can all use a little internal spring cleaning. Join me for a 6 week workshop to clean out the old and make room for the new. I will guide you in building a solid foundation to reset and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with nutrition and help you to create healthy habits. This workshop will include: · Weekly 1 hour in-person group meetings at 6pm (April 12th, 19th, 26th, May 3rd, 10th & 17th) · Weekly Journaling prompts to keep you on track · Individualized food suggestions, meal ideas, and recipes · Tips and tricks for creating healthy habits · Additional methods to aid your personal health goals We all have it within to heal and become our healthiest selves. I am here to help you find your power and guide you to discover the ways that work for you personally. In this workshop you will gain self-knowledge about what is right for you and what your body needs to reset and rejuvenate into its happiest, healthiest version. *Only $25/week for 6 weeks ($150 total)* (Maximum of 6 spaces available) Sign up to reserve your spot today!

7 Chakra Workshop

April 13th - May 25th (Tuesdays at 5:30pm) This 7 week workshop is very informative on the ancient knowledge of the 7 major energy centers located in our human bodies! From this workshop you will learn: 1. The color associated with each energy center. 2. The archetype associated with each Chakra. 3. The seed SOUND for each energy center. 4. Helpful yoga poses for each energy center. 5. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connections to each Chakra. 6. Helpful oils, crystal/stones and foods for each energy center. This ancient knowledge has been confirmed by today's science and is helpful to each individual to live in a more balanced and healthy way. This class is very informative and helps to better the student's alignment, stability, & flexibility to remove obstacles and to free their energy flow. Cost for the 7wk workshop is $111 or pay by week at $20 per session. Sign up today to reserve your spot as space will be limited.

Dream Interpretation Workshop

This will be a three week workshop that will help you better understand the dream world, as well as help you focus on and open up to the messages that your dreams are trying to get you to uncover. In the first two weeks you will learn some facts about dream states, how to narrow down what exactly you should focus on, as well as going over some basic symbolism. In our third and final workshop you will come with a particular dream in mind. With the knowledge that you have learned throughout this workshop you will be able to interpret a message that your were meant to hear right from your own dream. Informational packets will be provided but feel free to bring your own notebook and pen for any additional notes you would like to jot down. Cost is $50 for the full workshop or pay $20 per class. Sign up today to reserve your spot, space is limited.

Sound Healing Gong Bath Friday April 16th at 7pm

Come join SPECIAL GUEST Jason Kniola as he guides us through a GONG BATH! Sound healing is recognized to harmonize human cells, raise your personal vibrational frequencies and bring peace to the mind & body! This experience is 2 hours long and the cost is $35. Sign up today to reserve your spot!

Drumming Circle

Come join us for a drumming circle and find your Inner Rhythm! You MUST Provide Your Own Drum! Please sign up to reserve your spot - Cost is $5

Awakening your Spirit through Ecstatic Dance…. No Dance Skills Necessary!

Are you looking to get back in tune with your body? Have you been neglecting the movements of your soul? Let us help you take the pressure off, by honoring your body through movement. Join Brandy as you dance to the rhythm of your own souls. Ecstatic dance is a great way to get the body moving, freeing your mind and body, while connecting to yourself and others in a safe and healthy space. Ecstatic Dance is an expressive form of dance that doesn’t follow any certain steps, other than the steps of one’s own heart. Ecstatic Dance empowers all body’s and walks of life to reconnect to one’s inner being. We will be moving our bodies to the sound of tribal music, so we can connect deeply to our inner warrior. We have great knowledge that lies within us and Ecstatic Dance is a beautiful way to express this knowledge. We’ll start with a sacred drumming circle to protect our space and close with journaling. I encourage, each soul to bring an alter item to add to the drumming circle, which will help with connecting mind, body and soul during the dance. Dress in comfortable attire and come with an open mind to reconnect with your true self. This is all about getting great exercise, freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and your community in a safe, healthy space. No dance experience needed. Do yoga, stretch, dance like no one’s watching! Cost is $20 for non-members or $15 for members. Sign up online or use the mindbody app!

Beginner's Guide to Yoga

This one-day 3hr workshop is an introduction for the student who has never been to a yoga class but always wanted to try. Or maybe you’ve been to a class and found yourself wondering “What did I just do”? In this workshop we will discuss what we’re about to do and why we’re doing it, while we’re doing it. So dress comfortably in something you can move about freely as we will be going through a yoga sequence from beginning to end. The sequence contains the most common poses found in a basic yoga class and each individual will receive personal instruction on how to achieve proper alignment. Come join Christina Riehm RYT200 in this relaxed, informative session on this beautiful practice. Cost is $45, sign up using the Mindbody app, visit our website or give us a call at (574)226-6435!

Kids Drumming

Do you have a little at home that is busting at the seams? Do they have so much energy that they need a positive outlet? Join Brandy for Kids Drumming! Drumming is an excellent way for children to learn self-awareness, listening skills, coordination of breath and movement, cooperation and patience. It’s a very healthy way for them to develop. It also allows them to be a kid! We will be drumming on buckets, shaking rattles, and singing. If your child has a instrument at home that they wish to play, bring that along. Noise making made Magical! Cost is $10 per child. Discount if your child attends the Kids Craft class the same day

Kids Craft

Bring your Little to this fun mindful activity! Join Brandy for a fun Mindful Kids Craft! Lets give our kids a positive and healthy outlet for them to gather, have fun and learn. Cost is $10 per child. Discount if your child attended Kids Drumming.

Paint Yoga by the River

You’ve heard about paint by number, but have you heard about paint by yoga? We will be combining two beautiful arts to express our inner beauty! We will get our artist creativity energy flowing with an hour of paint and yoga! Dress in attire that is comfortable, and you don’t mind getting paint on. Water base paint will be used to create our masterpiece. Brandy will guide you in a sequence down by the river that will help get your creative energy flowing and inspired you to create a masterpiece. Once warmed up you can than explore what your inner being is trying to express while flowing on a personal size canvas, that you can take home when done. When inspiration speaks you can add phrases, quotes or paint an image on the canvas once you have completed your yoga flow. The possibilities are endless and there is no right or wrong way in creating your masterpiece. All supplies are supplied for an easy no fuse, fun night out with friends. 10 people total. Sign up to today! Cost is $50. We will meet at the studio and walk down to the river together!


Be sure to check out our other offerings that are always available for YOU:

Stay Tuned for all of our other summer events! We will be at the Elkhart Farmers Market this year from May- September! Come take a yoga class with us for $5 or stop at our booth and say Hi! We will also be having an outdoor class for $10 at Ruthmere on Saturday mornings from June-August Follow us on Facebook & Instagram if you aren't already, to stay informed! Many Blessing to ALL OF YOU! Namaste <3

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