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December 2019

The holidays are not always a time of joy and bliss for everyone…..sometimes the holidays bring out our worst nightmares, bringing old family wounds to the surface and recreating painful dramas that are definitely worn out. The Realm wants to encourage you to slow down and let the hustle and bustle whirl around you. We want to encourage you to be patient, loving and kind while you practice the art of observation. Observe those around you as well as yourself, shedding the light of consciousness onto your triggers so that you may heal and move forward towards wholeness. The Realm Tribe is here to offer different classes to engage and increase your mindfulness practices as well as offer a place for you to decompress, relax and return to your center. We would also like to remind you that you are the creator of your life – as well as the creator of your traditions. IT IS POSSIBLE TO CREATE NEW TRADITIONS! Knowing what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you, let go of the stressful things and bring in more of the things that bring you JOY!

December Events:

Coming Soon:

Feel free to ask about our other services that are always available as an option for you!

The Realm Tribe wishes you ALL a Very Merry Happy Time during this Holiday Season!

Much Love ~ Namaste

The Awakening Realm

Yoga & Wellness Studio

130 S. Main St. Elkhart, IN 46516


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