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October Newsletter

Greetings Beautiful Souls

Our theme this month is Observation. The Awakening Realm would like to encourage you to practice the art of Observation. Observe your breath, observe your body, observe your mind & thoughts. Observe those around you. There is a lot to learn from everything inside of you as well as around you. We want to see you grow into your beautiful best and to do that sometimes we need to sit back and watch. Use this time to be quiet and observe, you may even journal your findings. Writing down the things that are in our head or new ideas that surface can help us re-evaluate our next move of action! As fall approaches we join with the universe for the cosmic Inhale....To draw inward.

October Events:

Feel free to ask about our other services that are always available as an option for you!

The Awakening Realm is currently looking for Spiritual Speakers to discuss different religions and belief systems. Please call Lisa at 574-226-6435 if you or someone you know would be a candidate for our Spiritual Sundays.

The Realm is currently taking sign-ups for our next Teacher Training to begin in April. If you are interested please call or text Lisa at 574-226-6435 so she can put your name on the list.

We will be bringing our Couple's Thai Massage workshop back in November!

FIRE Yoga and Restorative Yoga will be returning in November as well!

BLOCK THERAPY is NOW a REALM REWARDS MEMBERSHIP PERK! This means Members can take the block therapy classes for FREE!!! Sign up for a class or the workshop today!

Downtown Elkhart will be doing TRICK or TREATING on Saturday October 26th 12-4, bring your kids down!

The Realm is currently taking sign-ups for Reiki Certification Training and Tai Chi classes. If you are interested please call or text Lisa at 574-226-6435 to get on the lists!

The Awakening Realm is always open to your feedback - we have a suggestion box in the waiting room or you can call, text or email us through our website or email Lisa personally at We would LOVE to know what YOU want this fall and winter. More jewelry classes? Art classes? Law of Attraction Visionboard class? Or maybe you would like us to bring Qi-Gong back? Essential Oils or another Ecstatic Dance session? Do you need cord-cutting or would you like to learn more about crystals? Are you interested in learning EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping) or learning more about Mindful Eating? Are you interested in CBD Oil or learning about Astrology, Tarot or Meditation? Let us know!


The Awakening Realm

Yoga & Wellness Studio

130 S. Main St. Elkhart, IN 46516


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