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AUGUST Newsletter

Our theme this month is Adventure. Adventure is something we do out of the norm. It is something that breaks up our daily routine, shaking up the mind creating new pathways in our consciousness. It can be a trip to a different country or it can be taking a different way on our drive to work. Adventure is what we decide it to be. Adventure can be a new path on our journey, breaking up our patterns & auto-pilot motions, doing something we wouldn’t normally do. It could be quitting our horrible job and starting a new one that is more enjoyable. It could be leaving that toxic relationship to venture out into the world as our authentic self. It could be turning off the television and enlightening our minds with a good book! It could be taking a Yoga class for the first time, or dance lessons, or painting a picture instead of taking one with your phone. We have plenty of opportunities here at The Realm to take an adventure into your body, mind and spirit; from our Ecstatic Dance, Yoga classes of many types and styles, Tai Chi and our Shamanic Practitioner's class - Embracing Your Inner Serpent! Check out all of the great adventures we have to offer!

What will your ADVENTURE be this month?

August Sales:

We have a few tops and tanks that are marked down to $5.00 ~ Come check them out!


We are now Officially a Nationally Accredited Yoga SCHOOL through Yoga Alliance!!! Join our Teacher Training in September!

Schedule Changes:

Hump Day yoga (Wednesdays at 10am) is coming off the schedule for the Block Therapy workshop!

Sundays we will have Beach Yoga in New Buffalo!!

This Month's EVENTS:


There will be lots of schedule changes in September!

Monday’s Yoga Basics will be moved to Tuesdays at 5:30pm!

We won’t be at Ruthmere on Saturdays after August, instead join us in September at the studio on Saturday mornings at 10am for Namaste Yoga!

Buddha Burn will be on Mondays and will be HEATED!!

Feel free to ask about our other services that are always available as an option for you!

Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support in making this safe place thrive! The community here at The Realm is a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Peace and Love to ALL.

Yoga & Wellness Studio

130 S. Main St. Elkhart, IN 46516


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