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JULY Newsletter

Our theme this month is Connection. It is our human nature to desire connection.

Research proves that we thrive when we feel connected and have a sense of belonging. This sense of belonging has a direct effect on our root chakra. If we do not participate in connection, we feel isolated which makes our immune system and psyche plummet. Lacking connection long term can result in illness and disease to manifest. Part of our mission at The Realm is to build community which offers a sense of belonging to those who desire connection. We hope you choose to join our community!



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July Schedule Changes:

Saturday 10am morning class will take place at Ruthmere unless it rains.

Our Tuesday & Thursday Schedule is changing.

  • We are replacing 9:30am Namaste Yoga with 10am TAI CHI. (Tuesday morning)

  • We are replacing Tuesday’s Music Yoga at 5:30pm with Rage Yoga & Buddha Burn. We will alternate between the two classes on Tuesday nights. In July the new moon and full moon fall on Tuesday nights as well so make sure to check the schedule to keep up with the changes!

  • We are replacing Thursday’s 5:30pm Realm Members Only class with TAI CHI. Only Realm Members will get access to our Nature Yoga.

Sundays in July will be at different parks! Pick up your park schedule at the studio!


This Month’s Events:


Feel free to ask about our other services that are always available as an option for you!

We will continue to gather Ancient healing modalities and techniques from around the world to offer a "one-stop shop" for YOU to access them! Just sit back, breath and enjoy the summer!

"Where there is Light there is Love and where there is Love there is Light."

Namaste beautiful spirits!

The Awakening Realm

Yoga & Wellness Studio

130 S. Main St. Elkhart, IN 46516


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