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June 2019 Newsletter

Our theme this month is HEALING!

You have the ability to HEAL Yourself, your Relationships, your Path and in doing so the quality of your life will improve! Nothing ever stays the same except for Change, and the world is always transitioning. The Awakening Realm tribe is on the team of being part of the change to better the world. To Heal yourself is a responsibility we have, to improve the consciousness of the planet and to raise the vibration of the collective. Healing is possible. Everything begins on an energetic level first. Whether you are attracting Dis-Ease or Healing Disease.The Awakening Realm tribe is always diligently working together to create new concepts, new classes & workshops to stay innovative and to help guide those on the path to Awakening.



Oil Blends are on sale for $5

Doterra YOGA Collection Trio is HALF OFF!

June Schedule Changes:

Don’t forget that our Friday 5:30pm FIRE YOGA is OFF the schedule until fall!

Barb’s Monday morning classes will be canceled on June 17th – she will be in Italy!

There won’t be a Psychic Fair this month but our readers will be available during our Healing Fair!

LUNCHTIME Yoga on Wednesdays is coming off of the schedule and being replaced with HUMP DAY YOGA (Wednesdays at 10am!)

Saturday 10am morning class will take place at Ruthmere unless it rains

This Month's EVENTS:

Futuristic Plans –

We have submitted our application to Yoga Alliance to become a Yoga School – it takes 10-14 weeks for our application to be processed. We will announce as soon as we hear something!

We are working on offering pottery classes! We are also prepping the basement to utilize for other art classes and projects! We will keep you updated on our progress!



Feel free to ask about our other services that are always available as an option for you!

Now Taking Reiki Appointments

The Realm hopes everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and that everyone is getting the opportunity to spend more time outdoors! Stop in and see us!


The Awakening Realm

Yoga & Wellness Studio

130 S. Main St. Elkhart, IN 46516


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