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April Newsletter

Our theme this month is ARTISTIC CREATIVITY! We will be offering many different events incorporating Art but most importantly we want to help guide you towards YOUR own Creativity. Your personal creativity is generated in the Sacral Chakra, this chakra governs your sexuality your passion and your creativity. Your Sacral Chakra is located at your lower abdomen, your womb. Yes even men have a Sacral Chakra, a womb where they too birth creations! Creations can be thoughts, feelings, vibrations, energy, relationships, jobs, inventions, artwork, etc. What are YOU Creating? We would like to get you thinking about this….once you become aware of WHAT you are creating and WHAT you Want to create, you then have the ability to make REAL long-lasting change and start manifesting more of what you WANT and less of what you do not want. Creativity is vital, human beings were designed to be God-like in human form. We are meant to create and express. If we do not access this part of us, maintain it or use it we can create dis-ease in the physical body by suppressing our creativity. Join us this month in one or more of the activities we have to offer and get your creative juices flowing. Practice your creativity and then master it. Every master becomes a master from practice.

April SALES:

April Events:

Seven Chakra Secrets starts Tuesday April 2nd!!

Mark your calendar for Upcoming Events:

Kids Yoga and Mommy & Me Yoga will return in May - the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays!

Block Therapy will be making a come-back in May as well!!!

Feel free to ask about our other services that are always available as an option for you!!!

Happy Spring to you from The Realm!!!

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