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Yours, Mine, and God's

There are three kinds of business - yours, mine, and God's.

Every so often I get reminded of this deep, and powerful truth about how to have a peaceful life. The minute I start to interfere with your business, or worst, question God's business, I have overstepped my boundaries.

It has literally taken me Y*E*A*R*S to learn how to back off from my passionate and burning desire to be absolutely certain on HOW other people should be living THEIR lives. Sometimes I was so certain about how they should live, when my own life was confusing and blurry. AMAZING!

And the same goes for my instinct to offer advice to people who have not asked me for any advice. I was CONVINCED that they had just forgotten to ask me, but as it turns out.....NO, they were just not interested in my advice at all. INCREDIBLE! (what world of strange wonders is this??)

I'm slowly learning that to have an opinion about someone else's life, is to plant a seed of future suffering. That individual will not live their life according to my vision (and nor should they!), and this will cause tension between us, or it will make me secretly boil with anger. And this is definitely not something that anyone needs. Especially when you love that person. Having opinions about other people will tarnish the love that is between you.

My mantra now is: If you love someone, just LOVE them. Stay out of it.

Let it be your business, my business, and God's business.

The better I can keep that straight, the gentler my life would be.


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