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December Newsletter


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This Month’s EVENTS:

Come celebrate our 2 year anniversary with us! Join us at 10am for Free Yoga, then stay and have your cards read, make a bracelet or experience a 15 min Reiki Session!

Argentine Tango in Elkhart is Back

Saturday December 1st 7-8pm

How do we give and receive energy so that it communicates a specific and corresponding movement in another person? In this special all levels class, Eric Gingerich, fresh from his one month intensive study with The Cleveland Tango School, will use what he learned in Cleveland and his background in Iyengar yoga to convey Argentine tango movement principles and give you some ideas to enjoy the party later in the evening. As in yoga, you will gain a greater awareness of your body and move with increased intention. The key differences: You will learn to do this with a partner and you will learn to put the ideas in motion to music. We will have a party after class complete with a DJ, dancing, socializing, and a performance. Class only - $10 Class + party - $15 Party only - $10

Movie Night

Come join us on Wednesday Dec. 5th at 7pm

E-Motion stands for Energy in Motion. Gather with us to learn more about the power of our emotions! Cost is $5 – you can sign up online to reserve your seat!


Thursday December 6th at 6:30pm

Block Therapy uses diaphragmatic breathing, a cedar wood block, and pressure from the body resting on the block to release and melt fascia that pulls the body out of alignment.

Rose Benjamin has been a Certified Nutritional Counselor since 1998 after 26 years in the education field. She extended her knowledge in helping others beyond supplement support through energy work. Rose is certified in Emotion Code and Body Code. Both modalities have proven to eliminate trapped emotions interfering with body function and creating pain. Rose has several documented cases of great improvements from old pain, beliefs, and emotional baggage from the past. Her clients learned that Emotion & Body Code are non-invasive and gentle, while no personal information has to be shared for the work to be effective.

Come in casual clothes with no zippers or buttons in front and bring a mat and pillow.

Cost is $20 - We only have 10 blocks, so this class will fill up fast!


Saturday December 8th at 11:30am

You may have heard about the amazing benefits of CBD Oil but you still aren't sure about safety, quality, or maybe you have other concerns. Well we are here for you! Come join us for a free informational class on the best brand of CBD oil in the nation! Sign up online to reserve your spot! Space is limited. This is a free informational class. Samples will be given if you are interested in trying the product!

Joe's Bracelet Class - Intro to Crimping

Monday December 10th 7-9pm

It is a perfect gift for Christmas to put your energy and intention into something you can share with someone you love! Join Joseph who will lead you through making these beautiful bracelets! Joseph taught jewelry making classes at Michaels for 5 years! Cost of class is $30 sign up online to reserve your spot!


Wednesday December 12th at 6:30pm

This Block Therapy class will be focused on the head, neck and arms. The introductory (core) class is a pre-requisite to taking this class to ensure you learn the proper breathing techniques.

Come in casual clothes with no zippers or buttons in front and bring a mat and pillow.

Cost is $20 - We only have 10 blocks, so this class will fill up fast!


Thursday December 13th 7-9pm

Featured Artist Mike Morehouse will be teaching an art class! Come join us and paint this beautiful winter canvas and gift it to a loved one just in time for the holidays! Cost is $40 – sign up online to hold your spot!

Winter Wellness Make & Take

Wednesday December 19th 7-9pm

Come join us for a make and take event while focusing on winter wellness! In this class you’ll learn how you can use essential oils as a preventative measure from getting ill this winter. You’ll learn what oils support the immune system, respiratory system and digestive system. Additionally, we will go over oils good for supporting emotional wellbeing during this busy season. You will be able to take home two full size natural remedies so you can be on guard for when nasty threats come to your home. The cost of this class is $25

Feel free to ask about our other services that are always available as an option for you!

Do not let the last project in life be yourself.

Take care of YOU!

Start living life from your BEST, instead of what is left over after giving to everything & everyone else.

Self-love is NOT selfish and should be a priority!

Much Love from The Realm to YOU.

Happy Holidays!

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