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Today is the Best Day Ever

Remember that day when you thought all was lost? When you thought there was barely any point in carrying on?

The bank account was dangerously low. You were arguing with everyone close to you. The roof was leaking, the car was having troubles. It felt like everything was a struggle and the "abundance of the universe" was NOWHERE to be seen.

You were going over the mistakes you had made. The money you had lost and the opportunities you had not taken. You were going over angry conversations and thinking of things you would have said or things you would have done differently. You were searching for forgiveness but holding onto the unfairness of it all.

Do you remember how you felt?

You actually spent more time than you care to admit wishing you didn't exist. You thought at least that way, nobody would miss you and you wouldn't cause them anymore pain. When you realized that you wasted a bit of time with that ridiculousness you wished for a lightning bolt of awareness to hit you in the head to make you feel differently. You were hoping for a something to shift inside your heart or in your life.

Then it hits you.

The average person lives to be 76 years of age, which is approximately 28,000 days.

28,000 days.

Months seem to come and go. Years flow by. But days..... every day is truly precious.

You then realize that days are made up of habits. How much time had you wasted drifting into jealousy? How many hours had been lost sinking into regret and "what-could-have-beens"? How many minutes spent on crying over disappointment?

If you added up the hours you had filled with worry, regret, anger, sorrow and guilt, how many days would it equal? It can be terrifying to even consider.

You awaken and your shift comes.

You realize you are NOT your feelings. When anger or hurt hits your heart like a ton of bricks on a hot summer day, it feels like it is consuming your very existence. The more you resist, the more you fight it, the bigger it gets. So, ALLOW the pain to be there. Talk to it, objectify it, do NOT identify yourself as the feelings. Realize that you are the witness.

You start to meditate. You open up to the unlimited possibilities, the vastness of the cosmos, the magic of the divine. Once you make meditation a non-negotiable part of your life, everything else shifts for you. Think of it like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. You can sit quietly anywhere. In your car, at your desk, in your bedroom. Just close your eyes and breathe. It will help you BE in the day.

You find forgiveness. As much as you are struggling with your own issues, you realize everyone is going through his or her own lessons as well. You lean into forgiveness, you stop resisting and you start feeling better immediately. Forgiveness gives you flow and when you flow you are in the present moment.

It doesn't matter if it's pouring rain, pounding snow, or penetrating sunshine - Today is Beautiful because you are ALIVE and your light has purpose. You realize weather is neither good or bad, it just is. Whether your current moment is filled with sorrow or bursting with joy, this too shall pass. Today is what you make it and love is the only thing that lasts.

Find ways to make today into a beautiful painting of kindness toward yourself and others and you will reach 28,000 days with a knowingness that you lived well.

Today is the Best Day Ever.

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