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Breathe. Believe. Receive.

Greetings friends!

We have officially entered fall, where the days are crisp, colors vivid, and the air is beginning to smell like apple cinnamon. I love fall, but I also start to get that dreaded feeling within me; the feeling that the holidays are fast approaching, and I'm running out of time. It's the time when I start to think about the mandatory time I will have to spend with some family members. And just like that I'm thrown off my center.

Thank goodness for the wonderful tools that I have acquired at the Awakening Realm. I've learned that I practice yoga, not to get better at yoga, but to get better at living. That even after I've rolled up my mat, yoga continues, and it takes me to the present moment; the only place where life exists. In fact, I think when I started doing yoga, I finally started listening to myself. And most importantly, I've learned that yoga is not about tightening my ass, but to get my head out of it.

Yes, yoga made me curious about who I am. It teaches me the power of my breath. The quality of my breath expresses my inner feelings. My breath makes me intensely aware of the intimate relationship I have with mother earth: My inhale is what she has to offer to me, my exhale what I have to offer to her. An intimate conversation, a delicate dance.

I know the year is spinning out of control for most of us, but remember to breathe my friends. Have that conversation with mother earth, listen to her, take what she offers, and give her what no longer serves you. Get centered.

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