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September Newsletter

So the kids have gone back to school! If you have a little more time on your hands come join us for a day time yoga class or RELAX and Unwind in our NEW SAUNA!!

This Month's Events:

BLOCK THERAPY (Introductory Class)

Saturday September 15th at 11:30am

Block Therapy uses diaphragmatic breathing, a cedar wood block, and pressure from the body resting on the block to release and melt fascia that pulls the body out of alignment.

Rose Benjamin has been a Certified Nutritional Counselor since 1998 after 26 years in the education field. She extended her knowledge in helping others beyond supplement support through energy work. Rose is certified in Emotion Code and Body Code. Both modalities have proven to eliminate trapped emotions interfering with body function and creating pain. Rose has several documented cases of great improvements from old pain, beliefs, and emotional baggage from the past. Her clients learned that Emotion & Body Code are non-invasive and gentle, while no personal information has to be shared for the work to be effective.

Come in casual clothes with no zippers or buttons in front and bring a mat and pillow.

Cost is $15 - We only have 10 blocks, so this class will fill up fast!


* Don't forget that our Saturday morning classes will be at the studio and not Ruthmere! This class will continue to be $10 to bring together a sense of community - so bring your friends!

* The Awakening Realm has grown so much that we now have space for a Karma Yogi. A Karma Yogi is someone who helps with cleaning & clerical things in exchange for Free Yoga. If you are interested in this - call or text Lisa at 574-226-6435.

* Make sure you ask us how to earn FREE STUFF!!! We have a Testimonial Program going on Right Now! Share with us how The Awakening Realm has helped YOU - and be eligible to earn FREE STUFF!!!

* Find our Yoga schedule on the Mindbody App! Download the free Mindbody app onto your phone and search “The Awakening Realm”. You can sign up for classes / workshops / appointments, you can also purchase packages and check out all of our different offerings! Do all of this from the convenience of your very own phone!

Feel free to ask about our other services that are always available as an option for you!


Namaste & Much LOVE Always

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