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August 2018 Newsletter

We have a lot going on at The Realm this month!

August EVENTS:

Don’t forget our Saturday 10am class will be taking place at Ruthmere on Beardsley unless it is raining – then we will be having class at the new studio! This will be the last month this is offered, so take advantage of it while you can! It’s a lovely experience! You can stay and have coffee on the terrace and listen to the live music they have after yoga!


This will be a 5 wk workshop for guys only!


Wednesday August 8th at 6:30pm

Come be a part of our city’s downtown Art Walk on Wednesday August 8th and see what our featured Artist, Annie Logan, has in store for you! She will be teaching an art class – so instead of just gazing at art, MAKE YOUR OWN ART & take it home with you for only$40!!!

DIY Macrame Planters with Fe

Wednesday August 22nd at 6:30pm

Macrame hanging plants!! Come have a great time connecting with other women and learning how to craft your very own macrame plant hanger! Bring a small plant you would like to put in your hanger or we will have some to purchase as well! Even if you are not creative this is a no-brainer! Come have a great time!! Invite your friends as well!! Cost is $20

Thursday August 23rd at 6:30pm

Block Therapy uses diaphragmatic breathing, a cedar wood block, and pressure from the body resting on the block to release and melt fascia that pulls the body out of alignment. Rose learned that Block Therapy was a compliment to every other exercise she did, like dancing, walking, and yoga. “This was something I had to learn how to do for myself & for the potential it has to help both the young and old.

Rose Benjamin has been a Certified Nutritional Counselor since 1998 after 26 years in the education field. She extended her knowledge in helping others beyond supplement support through energy work. Rose is certified in Emotion Code and Body Code. Both modalities have proven to eliminate trapped emotions interfering with body function and creating pain. Rose has several documented cases of great improvements from old pain, beliefs, and emotional baggage from the past. Her clients learned that Emotion & Body Code are non-invasive and gentle, while no personal information has to be shared for the work to be effective.

Block Therapy was then discovered which gave Rose hope to change the effects and pain of scoliosis on her back, pain in knees and bunions, and scar tissue from surgeries. After seeing how her body was changing, and how she was de-stressing while using her block, Rose decided to do the Teacher Training. Here she met others who had had major injuries from accidents, migraines, & broken bones, along with arthritis, knee & hip problems, & varicose veins, all of which were healed & corrected.

Rose will share what Block Therapy can do for you by presenting a class using the specialized cedar wood blocks. “Usually after just one class, many people will notice positive changes in their bodies. The main focus will be allowing the body to let the breath be your guide. Less pressure on the block when a pain sensation is strong, still creates changes. And yet, on the block we will search for pain because those are the places where our bodies are restricted. As breathing continues, the pain lessens as we continue to exhale toxins from the area we rest on the block. Block Therapy will ease or free up those restrictions.”

Come in casual clothes with no zippers or buttons in front and bring a mat and pillow.

This class is being offered at an Introductory rate of $10!!! Future classes will be $15 per person, so take advantage of this! We only have 10 blocks, so this class will fill up fast!

OILS with Allison

Come and join us at the Awakening Realm and hear what all the buzz is surrounding essential oils. They are so powerful and amazing and have benefited our home on so many levels. Register at the Awakening Realm for an essential oils 101 workshop. Learn how to use the top 10 oils, get free literature, and essential oil samples to take home. Join us at the Awakening Realm to learn what essential oils are, how they work, and why everyone should have them in their home. Looking forward to seeing you and teaching you how to take charge of your health! Cost: $7


Replacing your cleaning products with toxin free ones is easy! Join me at the Awakening Realm and learn how some basic items can clean your home as effectively WITHOUT damaging your health. Allison will walk you through how to quickly make items, and you will take home one each of the following: ~Window/Mirror Cleaner ~Disinfecting Surface Spray ~Goo Remover ~Disinfecting Toilet Bowl Cleaner ~Leather/Wood Cleaner You will also go home with a bottle of Wild Orange and the recipes for each item. Seating is limited. Workshop Price $40

“You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.”

-Marianne Williamson


Cupping/Massage for Injury Focused 45mins =$35

1 hour Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage = $50

Call our massage therapist dorian Yoder at 574-536-4187 to set up your appointment today!!

Call Lisa at 574-226-6435 to set up your appointment for REIKI or PRIVATE YOGA!!

Change of Schedule!!! –

MUSIC YOGA on Tuesdays IS NOW AT 5:30pm!!!

Our RESTORATIVE Class has been MOVED to Wednesdays at 5:30pm!

Find our Yoga schedule on the Mindbody App! Download the free Mindbody app onto your phone and search “The Awakening Realm”. You can sign up for classes / workshops / appointments, you can purchase packages and you can check out all of our different offerings! All from the convenience of your very own phone!

Feel free to ask about our other services that are always available as an option for you - like our Mindful Life-Coaching program, EFT, and more!

We just want to thank everyone for their patience and dedication through the transition of our move. we are working diligently to serving you with the diversity of activities, events and healing modalities that we believe our community needs.

We see & honor the LIGHT in YOU - for the same LIGHT is in us

We are ONE


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