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June Newsletter

Namaskar gorgeous souls!

Just a reminder – our Saturday morning 10am class will be at Ruthmere on Beardsley until the end of August unless it’s raining then we will be at the studio. Also, our Wednesday evening class has been moved to 5:30pm!

Come check out our boutique, we have new products like flouride-free toothpaste & aluminum-free deodorant!!!

Stay tuned for our Community Meditation Event coming in July!

This month's Events:

EMOTIONS Workshop Thursday June 14th 5:30pm

Emotions Workshop Thursday June 14th 5:30pm

Come and learn more in depth information from Allison Dreher, RN on how your emotions affect your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. We will work on creating a paradigm shift, re-wire your brain for peak performance, and bring excitement towards living in your divine design. This class is a journey inwards, as we shed the lies you have accumulated and drill in the truth of YOUR fabulousness! Be prepared to feel lighter, free and on top of the world. The goal is to remove any personal obstacles that have hindered your personal growth. This is a very hands-on experience in which we'll be using a specific protocol of essential oils while learning some very insightful information. The essential oils will be supplied for you. It is suggested you have attended an Essential Oils 101 class but it is not mandatory. Allison loves helping others find natural solutions and welcomes anyone ready for a change. You do not want to miss this experience!! Cost is $30 and includes an essential oil custom roller.

Find our Yoga schedule on the Mindbody App! Download the free Mindbody app onto your phone and search

“The Awakening Realm”. from here you can sign up for classes, find pricing and other information about us!

Also, ask about our other services:

The Awakening Realm sends our Love & Light, wishing you all an adventurous and magical summer!


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