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Setting Intentions

Intentions are powerful. They are seeds for transformation and they fuel manifestation. In my yoga classes we begin by getting centered, checking in with the body, connecting with the breath and setting an intention for our practice. An intention is a word or phrase that you want more of. If you need more inner peace, self-love, or patience in your life an example might be just the word as you repeat it to yourself throughout your practice or you might say “I embody patience. My cup is full of self-love. My inner peace is abundant.” I’d like to encourage everyone to take their intention with them when they leave the mat and enter the world. I’d like to encourage everyone to carry their intention into their everyday life.

You see, I believe that the future is not something you enter or stumble upon but something you Co-Create! Self-reflection and self-evaluation is very helpful to one who is making changes in their life. If you find an old belief system or thought pattern that is negative and has played out in your head for years, it’s time to replace it with something positive! Start creating a new reality for yourself today!

Here are some intention examples to use:

  • The world is a safe and harmonious place

  • Love is Everywhere!

  • People are friendly and kind

  • Things I need and want come to me with ease

  • I Am right where I am meant to be

  • I Am Healthy & Whole

  • I Am a conscious creator of my reality

  • I Am more than enough

  • I Matter

  • I release all fears – I Am Courageous

  • I trust the journey / process

Here are some ideas what you can do with your new intention once you set it:

  • Type out your intention & tape it to your bathroom mirror to read out loud to yourself everyday

  • Put in on the dash of your car to repeat as you drive or if you are stuck in traffic

  • Repeat it during meditation

  • Repeat it during your yoga practice

  • Repeat it while lying in bed falling asleep

  • Repeat it when you are faced with a frustrating situation

  • Write it down on a sticky note and stick it to your computer monitor

  • Set an alarm on your phone that has the intention typed in as the alarm name & set it to go off a few times throughout your day

  • Write it over and over in a journal or notebook (This helps the programming of the brain)

  • Have it engraved on a piece of jewelry or keychain

  • Write it down ona small piece of paper you can keep in your pocket or purse

Do these things and then watch your life start to change dramatically! Daily affirmations changed my life drastically for the better and I am so thankful. I had to share the magic with you. Thank you for your time, happy intention-setting!


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