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Positive Thinking

In comparison to a flower in the summertime, we are not much different as humans. We both need water and sunlight. However, our water and sunlight differ slightly. We need water, as well as food and other nourishment. As for sunlight, we need the rays of the sun and much more. The rays we really need as humans to thrive are positivity rays.

To create a positive mentality, become conscious of your actions and your surroundings. Dedicate the time you, as a living breathing being, deserve. One may say, "Oh, but I do! Every night I sit down and have 'me-time' in front of my television with my favorite beverage." No. Not that kind of dedicated time. That kind of time is for your favorite beverage, your television, or maybe even your family.

Allow yourself the ten deep breaths after your refreshing shower. The kind of breaths that make you feel alive and grateful. During those ten deep, full, breaths, with each one repeat "positivity." Let that be your mantra for 30 days, and see how your life is altered. Before each action, or words to be spoken, take a deep breath and become AWARE. If anything, take a deep breath before you cuss out the person that just cut in line at your favorite fair food stand. One step at a time.

With a positive practice, you create a positive vision, and with a positive vision, you will create your environment just busting at the seams with all this love and positivity. Start small and simple by creating a negative/positive list. Similar to a pro/con list from elementary school, it lays it out there for you. On one side, list all the negativity you feel your life has. (Slightly uncomfortable, I know.) Then the other, oh-so-beautiful side, or positive things in your life. For example:

Negative: I am always exhausted. Positive: I am so thankful I got to spend time with my friends last night.

Now after you have done this, write a positive comment that may eliminate the negative completely. For instance, "I am so grateful I am going to bed early so I can have a good nights rest." Then, you can cross exhaustion from the list. There is something powerful about writing out your goals, aspirations, and gratitude on paper. I highly recommend you do it, you will thank yourself.

Dedicate time in your life to positivity. It will take less than 3 minutes away from your social media time. The need for you to love and appreciate yourself is crucial.

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