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February Newsletter

February Newsletter

Greetings & Happy Valentines

We have had a lot going on at The Awakening Realm & February is going to be an eventful month!

Special Features:

Saturday Feb. 4th 1:00-2:30pm Power of Thought Workshop

This workshop is a Restorative Yoga practice with Sound Therapy that will take you on a journey to learn how our thoughts create our reality, how you can change your thought patterns, and how to master the mind instead of being its slave.

Tuesday Feb. 7th 5:00-8:00pm LuLaRoe Party

LuLaRoe sells comfortable yet fashionable clothing for women, like leggings, tunics, dresses, skirts, & more that are super comfy yet so chic! I personally love doing Yoga in their leggings! I also love that they have PLUS Size clothing! Come have some girly fun time with us & check out what LuLaRoe has to offer! There is no cost to attend, just bring a snack to share.

Wednesday Feb. 8th 6:00-7:00pm EFT Class

Tap into your unlimited Self with EFT! Deal with healing, forgiveness, grief, emotional & physical pain with EFT! Break negative thought patterns, negative eating habits, old belief systems & much more with EFT! EFT is a system using the accupressure points in the body, the meridians running through the body and energy awareness. It is a process of breaking up stuck energy and freeing the energetic flow for positive solutions to come forth. Learn how to practice EFT so that you may use it anywhere anytime!

Saturday Feb. 11th 3:30-5:30pm Design & Unwind

This month’s Design & Unwind we will be doing painting. Class will start with a guided meditation, & then will include Sound Therapy in the background. Our Featured Artist Annie will guide your inner artist out into creation.

Every Monday night in February for Valentines

Couple’s Connection Meditation 7:00-8:00pm

What better way to connect with your partner for Valentines than to connect Energetically! This one hour workshop will unite your energies, bring you closer, and enhance intimacy. Whether you’re dealing with issues or your relationship is great, this class may be just what you’ve been searching for!

Can’t catch a Monday night?

We also offer the Couple’s Connection Meditation on the following days:

Wednesday Feb. 1st 7-8pm Friday Feb. 3rd 6-7pm

Saturday Feb. 4th 9-10am

Regularly Scheduled Classes:

BASIC YOGA (Great for Beginners) RESTORATIVE YOGA (Deep Relaxation)

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Saturdays 10-11am Tuesdays 5-6pm

Thursdays 7-8pm Fridays 5-6pm Thursdays 6-7pm


Tuesdays 7-8pm


Refer-A-Friend Program –

1. Take one of our business cards & put your name on the back

2. Give it to a friend & tell them about us!

3. Tell your friend to present the card when they come in.

4. You will then receive 50% off your next visit for helping us grow!

Friendly February Sale

Bring a friend to a yoga class for free!

This does not include workshops or classes.

We look forward to serving you!


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